0043. Atari Teenage Riot – Burn, Berlin, Burn! [1997]


This album is pretty good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  …You’d get that if you’d ever seen the liner notes of an Atari Teenage Riot album.  This band is fuckin’ fantastic if you’re a maniac who likes moshing to the point of serious injury, paralysis and/or death (which I am :)).  All bullshit aside, this group is definitely an acquired taste, and the only people who can acquire it are those who are daring enough to try finding something to like in abrasive noise, relentless screaming and lyrical chaos.

I saw these guys (FINALLY!) at the Echoplex in L.A. back in April of 2012 along with Otto Von Schirach.  Fucking best $15 I’ve ever spent in my life.  I was sore for a week after that show, and I loved every minute of it.  Click the fuckin’ picture above and fuckin’ yojne!!!!!!!

Wikipedia Says:

Burn, Berlin, Burn! is a compilation album released by Atari Teenage Riot in 1997. Initially released in the United States by the Beastie Boys‘ record label Grand Royal (Mike D was quoted saying the music is “the most punk-rock shit ever” [4]), the album is a collection of tracks from their first two albums Delete Yourself! and The Future of War. After Grand Royal Records went defunct, the album was later remastered and re-released on Digital Hardcore Recordings.

Track listing

All tracks by Alec Empire

  1. “Start the Riot” – 3:38
  2. “Fuck All!” – 3:08
  3. Sick to Death” – 3:40
  4. “P.R.E.S.S.” – 4:19
  5. “Deutschland (Has Gotta Die!)” – 3:02
  6. Destroy 2000 Years of Culture” – 3:51
  7. Not Your Business” – 2:32
  8. “Heatwave” – 2:43
  9. Atari Teenage Riot” – 3:35
  10. “Delete Yourself” – 4:30
  11. “Into the Death” – 3:26
  12. “Death Star” – 5:23
  13. “Speed” – 2:48
  14. “The Future of War” – 3:44

Tracks 1, 9, 10, 11, 13 from Delete Yourself!. Tracks 2-8, 12, 14 from The Future of War.


  • Alec Empire – Producer
  • Philipp Virus – Animation

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