0042. George Carlin – You Are All Diseased [1999]


A motherFUCKING CLASSIC right here.  This man knows what the fuck he’s talking about.  Anyone who enjoys comedy needs to know about this guy.  I’d even go as far to say they need to know about his entire discography.  I was hard pressed trying to figure out exactly which album to include on this list, because I seriously love all of them.  They get very different as they go from early to later stuff, but it’s all fantastic.  This is one of my top favorites, though, mostly because he sounds the most pissed off on this one.  The last two tracks about religion and God are awesome, too.

Anyway, if you enjoy laughing (and why the fuck wouldn’t you?), check this album the fuck out.

Wikipedia Says:

You Are All Diseased is the 16th album and 11th HBO live broadcast stand-up special by comedian George Carlin, recorded on February 6, 1999 at the Beacon Theater in New York City and released on CD in May of that year.

Track listing

  1. “How’s Everybody Doin’?” – 0:54
  2. “Airport Security” – 8:02
  3. “Fear of Germs” – 5:58
  4. “Cigars” – 1:39
  5. “Angels” – 1:10
  6. “Harley-Davidson” – 1:23
  7. “House of Blues” – 2:00
  8. “Minority Language” – 2:12
  9. “Man Stuff” – 5:23
  10. “Kids and Parents” – 6:51
  11. “TV Tonight” – 3:53
  12. “Names” – 4:23
  13. “Advertising Lullabye” – 2:37
  14. “American Bullshit” – 2:39
  15. “Businessmen” – 1:26
  16. “Religion” – 2:06
  17. “There is No God” – 8:37

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