0037. My Penis Is Made Of Dogshit – Satan Gets An Abortion [2008]


Holy… fuck.  What a fucktastically hilarious album.  This album sounds like it was made by a couple of college students who got high and hit record on Garage Band.  If you can appreciate non-albums by non-groups like this, definitely check this out.  I would consider this a comedy album more than anything else, but as with any other kind of “art,” its value is subjective.  I think this album deserves a spot on this 1,001 list of mine just because of how fucking ridiculous it is.  I actually just discovered this group has several other albums on their bandcamp site which I will definitely be checking out ASAFP.

Anyway, Wikipedia has nothing on these guys, so just listen to the fuckin’ album and revel in the aural chaos and bizarre hilarity.


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