0036. Mr. Bungle – Disco Volante [1995]


Mmmm… musical terrorism, this.  This… is an album for maniacs.  Maniacs, weirdos, psychos, masochists, etc.  And I’m proud to say that I FUCKIN’ LOVE THIS ALBUM!  😀  Holy fuck, I mean, I’m a fan of pretty much anything Mike Patton does, but this is one of my favorite things he’s ever done.

So, there’s something that I like to do at bars.  It’s something that I learned from my dear friend Mike Hovsepian of PT Grimm.  He told me how whenever he’s in a bar with a jukebox that has The Doors song “The End,” he just puts it on repeat for however many times he feels like.  I thought that was so funny, I took to doing similar things.  Not with The Doors, specifically, but with other music that I think would annoy the fuck out of everyone and make them want to leave.  I consider it payback for all the mediocrity and/or imbecility I typically see and hear whenever I’m at a bar for whatever-the-fuck reason.

I was at a pool hall in CA one night, and they happened to have this album on the jukebox… I set it to play the entire.fucking.album.  I heard people muttering to each other things like, “what in the fuck are we listening to right now?!”  I was euphoric.

Any-fuckin’-way, if you enjoy sonic assaults on your tender eardrums, you’ll enjoy this album.

Wikipedia Says:

Disco Volante is the second studio album by American experimental band Mr. Bungle. It was released on October 10, 1995, through Warner Bros, and is considered to be the most experimental of all their albums.[2]


The album’s title refers to the name of the yacht of the same name featured in the James Bond filmThunderball. Mr. Bungle had previously done a cover version of the film’s theme song.[3] This was featured on the demo Warner Bros. Mr Bungle Demo Rough Mixes.[4]

Disco Volante would be founding member Theo Lengyel’s final album with the band, leaving shortly after the tour due to “artistic differences”.[5] Band member Danny Heifetz would later comment, “I miss him. He added a huge chemical imbalance that helped us on the road. He hates us and rightfully so. The music changed, plain and simple. Very little call for saxes, trombone or flute. He was an original member. I’m not. Makes me feel a bit like a union-buster.”[6]


Disco Volante spawned a number of officially unreleased demos (circulated on internet peer-to-peer sharing networks): “Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz”,[7] “Coldsore”[8] and “Spy”.[9] “Coldsore” featured portions later used in “Love on the Event Horizon”. “Spy” didn’t feature on the release at all. The vocal effect in this song (at 4:48) is very similar to the voice of Alpha 60 in Jean-Luc Godard‘s sci-fi film noir Alphaville, using a mechanical voice box to create the effect.[citation needed]

Critical reception

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 4.5/5 stars[10]
Stylus Magazine very favorable[1]

Disco Volante has been well received by critics. In their highly favorable review of the album, AllMusicwrote, “Mr. Bungle is the musical equivalent of aDavid Lynch movie”, calling the music a “totally original and new musical style, and an album that sounds like nothing that currently exists.” They referred to the track “Desert Search for Techno Allah” as “a middle eastern techno number that has to be heard to be believed.” [10] Stylus Magazine, in their 2005 review, wrote, “A decade later, Disco Volante still sounds daring.”[1] In 2014, the album placed fourth on the Alternative Nation site’s “Top 10 Underrated 90’s Alternative Rock Albums” list. [11]


Year Publication Country Accolade Rank
2006 Rock Sound United Kingdom “Les 150 Albums De La Génération” 69
*” denotes an unordered list.

Track listing

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. “Everyone I Went to High School With Is Dead” Trevor Dunn Dunn 2:45
2. “Chemical Marriage” Trey Spruance 3:09
3. “Sleep (Part II): Carry Stress in the Jaw” (contains untitled track) Dunn (“Sleep [Part II]: Carry Stress in the Jaw”) Dunn 8:59
4. “Desert Search for Techno Allah” Spruance Spruance, Mike Patton 5:24
5. “Violenza Domestica” Patton, Tirabassi Patton, Spruance 5:14
6. “After School Special” Clinton McKinnon, Dunn, Patton McKinnon 2:47
7. “Sleep (Part III): Phlegmatics” Dunn Dunn 3:16
8. “Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz” Spruance Spruance 6:06
9. “The Bends” (“Man Overboard”, “The Drowning Flute”, “Aqua Swing”, “Follow the Bubbles”, “Duet for Guitar and Oxygen Tank”, “Nerve Damage”, “Screaming Bends”, “Panic in Blue”, “Love on the Event Horizon”, “Re-Entry”) Patton, Spruance, McKinnon 10:28
10. “Backstrokin'” Patton 2:27
11. “Platypus” Dunn Dunn, Spruance 5:07
12. “Merry Go Bye Bye” (contains untitled track) Spruance (“Merry Go Bye Bye”) Spruance (“Merry Go Bye Bye”), Theo Lengyel(untitled track), Danny Heifetz (untitled track) 12:58
Note: The untitled track after “Sleep (Part II): Carry Stress in the Jaw” is often titled “The Secret Song” (the working title of the song) or “Spy” (the title that appears on various concert setlists). It was originally recorded without bassist Trevor Dunn’s input or knowledge; although, shortly before its release, Dunn managed to find it and added a vocal track. Though never explicitly stated, it is believed (by Dunn) that the drums were played by McKinnon, and the bass guitar by Patton.[5] The untitled improvised section after “Merry Go Bye Bye” is listed as “Nothing” on the album sleeve, but is not actually its title; it is credited to Theo Lengyel and Danny Heifetz as a sly reference to the fact that neither of them wrote any songs on the album.[5]


Mr. Bungle

  • I Quit (Danny Heifetz) – “a woodblock”,production and sleeve art layout and design
  • Trevor Dunn – bass guitar, “vile” (violin), production and sleeve art layout and design
  • Uncooked Meat Prior to State Vector Collapse (Trey Spruance) – pípá, keyboards, organ, guitar, electronics, production and sleeve art layout and design
  • Clinton McKinnontenor saxophone,clarinet, keyboards on “After School Special”, drums on “Violenza Domestica”, production and sleeve art layout and design
  • Patton (Mike Patton) – vocals,microcassette, organs on “The Bends” and “Backstrokin'”, ocarina on “Sleep (Part II): Carry Stress in the Jaw”, production and sleeve art layout and design
  • Theo (Theo Lengyel) – “eb reeds piped in from Ithaca“, production and sleeve art layout and design

Additional personnel

  • Billy Andersonengineering, mixing and pre-mastering
  • Mike Johnson – engineering and pre-mastering
  • Kevin Donlon – engineering
  • Chris Roberts – engineering
  • Mike Bogus – engineering
  • David Ogilvy – engineering
  • Adam Munoz – engineering
  • Trevor Ward – engineering
  • Bernie Grundman – mastering
  • Athur Hertz – album front cover photography
  • Joseph A. Thompson – album outer tray photography
  • Davis Meltzer – album booklet backpage photography
  • Margaret Murray – sleeve art layout and design
  • Gregg Turkington – sleeve art layout and design
  • William Winantcymbals on “Chemical Marriage”, bongos on “Sleep (Part II): Carry Stress in the Jaw”, tabla, kanjira andsistrums on “Desert Search for Techno Allah”, jaw harp and percussion on “Violenzia Domestica” and bongos,xylophone and glockenspiel on “Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz”
  • Graham Connah – piano on “Violenzia Domestica”, “The Bends” and “Platypus”
  • Lisandro Adrover – bandoneón on “Violenzia Domestica”

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