0033. Otto Von Schirach – Spine Serpents From Sperm Island [2007]


Ohhhh man… This album… This is the first album I ever heard by Otto Von Schirach.  I saw him back in 2008 when he toured with Venetian Snares.  What.a.fuckin’.show!  I didn’t know anything about OVS before I saw him live, and I was in no way prepared to have my mind blown like it was.  Just to give you an idea what I’m talking about, check out this clip from his 2011 tour with Atari Teenage Riot:

Fucking.amazing!  Right?!  I was moshing and laughing my ass off simultaneously during this show.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that shit.  I was at this show on 4/16/12.  Fuckin’ best $15 I’ve ever spent on concert tickets.  Who needs this bullshit of paying thousands of dollars to see these ultra popular DJs?  I certainly don’t.

Anyway, if you have a taste for bizarre electronic music, you’ll most likely dig this album.  I mean, look at the song titles, for fuck’s sake.  You know you’re in for a weird ride with this one.

Wikipedia Says:

Otto von Schirach is a producer/rapper from Miami, Florida. He is of Cuban/German descent. Produces Avante Garde Miami bass, Cuban Funk , IDM , Modular Synthesis and breakcore .

He has released most of his work on the Monkeytown,Ipecac, Schematic and Beta Bodega labels, and was featured in the 2002 documentary Electro-Dziska. Otto’s live performances include outfits, masks, props, and he has toured with many bands, including Skinny Puppy. He is also credited on the Skinny Puppy albums The Greater Wrong Of The Rightand Mythmaker. In 2011 he toured in the U.S.A. with Atari Teenage Riot.

Schirach also does a large amount of work in the areas of music production, remixing and has collaborated with several artists such as Modeselektor on their records Happy Birthday! and Monkeytown.

Recently von Schirach has become increasingly involved with the Miami Bass Warriors, a Miami Bass focused project with Jose el Rey, El Tigre and Debbie D from Avenue D. Their debut video, “Going Back to Calle 8,” was featured on Pitbull’s show La Esquina.

He is Currently Working on the Supermeng Movie called “Pineal Warriors”





  • Chopped Zombie Fungus – 2002 Collection of the Boombonic Plague, Pelican Moondance and Ear Juice Synthesis EPs
  • Armpit Buffet – 2005 Remix Collection
  • Also did a cover of Scooter‘s ‘Hyper Hyper’ on the Modeselektor album ‘Happy Birthday!’


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