0032. BLÆRG – Dysphoric Sonorities [2008]


BLÆRG is a breakcore artist whose music is accessible enough to appeal to people who wouldn’t normally venture into such an abrasive and erratic subgenre of EDM.  He utilizes a very interesting assortment of instruments in pretty much all the music I’ve heard by him.  Very, very good stuff, and I hope you’ll give it a listen.

Wikipedia Says:

NOTHING… so check out what BandCamp says:

BLÆRG’s newest album, “Dysphoric Sonorities“, is filled with subtle, purposeful intelligence which begins with its philologically challenging titles and continues through the very last moments of track nine, “Titanium Cicada“.
With titles such as “Ebullient Leitmotif” and “Crepuscular Harlotry” you may feel that this album is an exercise in “Unmitigated Verbosity” (track 05), but, if you delve further, you’ll find that every choice made in this album is deliberate and selective, from the samples, beats and rhythms to the polysyllabic titles.
“Dysphoric Sonorities” manages to transcend the typical low-accessibility of breakcore and provide the ear of even the main-stream listener with a unique and palatable experience. It’s glitchy and unconventional but with an overall methodic process that lures a listener in if she is willing to submit to the auditory exercise.


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