0027. Diabolic – Liar & a Thief [2010]


This… is Diabolic.  Listen to this album.  I’ve drawn upon it many, many times for my podcast.  The beats, the lyrics, the delivery on Diabolic’s album are all amazing.  He’s one of Immortal Technique’s cohorts, so if you know him, you can imagine what this album has on it.

I could easily see this album appealing to some who aren’t normally into hip-hop.  Eminem was the one who sparked my interest in rap/hip-hop, and Diabolic might be the one for others.  He’s got a real powerful flow, and I’d really love to see him live.  I met him once at Immortal Technique’s release party for The 3rd World.  He was actually a real nice guy.  My introduction to him was on the secret song after Immortal Technique’s “Dance With The Devil.”  His verse on that is sick as fuck.  Definitely check that out, if you can spare a fuck or two.

Here’s the music video for the only single (as far as I know) from this album.  Check this shit out:

Awesome, right?  I told ya.  Also, even though I doubt either Immortal Technique or Diabolic gives much of a fuck how you hear their music, you should definitely buy their albums.  I don’t know about you, but I want more of this type of music in the world.  Go to the shows, buy some merchandise, whatever.  Help these motherfuckers keep killin’ it.

Wikipedia Says:

Sean George, better known by his stage name Diabolic, is an American rapper from Huntington Station, Long Island, New York. He started receiving fame on the hidden track after Immortal Technique‘s song ‘Dance with the Devil‘ on Immortal Technique’s debut album,Revolutionary Vol. 1. Diabolic is also a well-known battle rapper who has battled with rappers such as Immortal Technique, Mecca, Iron Solomon,Rhymefest, among others. Diabolic released The Foul Play Mixtape in October 2006. In 2010, Diabolic released Liar & A Thief which was completely produced by Engineer with the exception of the song “Riot” featuring Deadly Hunta, which was produced by John Otto of Limp Bizkit on live drums. The album featured guest appearances such as Immortal Technique, Canibus, Vinnie Paz, and Ill Bill.[1] The album also won the 2010 HHUG Album of the Year award.[2] Diabolic is a member of the Long Island based underground rap group called Dead Rabbits. Dead Rabbits is composed of Diabolic, Nightwalker, Grim, Bad Karma (Taboo, Coal, East Coast, Buttatones).

His 2010 debut album Liar & a Thief was listed on Billboard ’​s R&B/Hip-Hop Albumschart at #76 on 24 April 2010.[3] The album won 2010 HHUG Best Album of the Year award.[4]


Sean was born and raised in Huntington Station, New York. He grew up in a lower-middle-class family in a suburban neighborhood. His interest in hip-hop started when he listened to his older brother’s hip-hop tapes, featuring artists such as EPMD,N.W.A. and Black Sheep when he was a child. When Sean was in his early teens, he became interested in graffiti and writing his own lyrics.

Diabolic was a street battle legend in Long Island, NY developing his skills in record stores throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties. In late 1999, he took his talent to the NYC underground and made a name for himself in a number of high profile battles in the legendary NYC venue the Wetlands.

In 2003, Immortal Technique was touring nationally and supported him. Sean was working on his debut album entitled Liar & a Thief and found a producer in Vancouver named Engineer. They worked heavily together and released Liar & a Thief. He was featured on a King Syze album Collective Bargaining, the song was titled The Strike Line and featured Army of the Pharaohs.

On January 28, 2012, Diabolic confirmed the launch of his own record label, “War Horse Records”.

On February 10, 2012, Diabolic released a diss track to Tyler the Creator over the instrumental of Tyler’s own Yonkers. The track was a response to the title track of Goblin, where Tyler mentions Immortal Technique.

His newest album “Fightin’ Words” is to be released in 2014. He worked with R.A. The Rugged Man, as well as other artists for this album. Diabolic released Mission Statement, a single and music video in 2012 via WarHorse Records and produced by ‘EnemySoil’ with producer C-Lance and Turntablism by DJ G. I. Joe.





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