0018. Pendulum – Hold Your Colour [2005]


Oh man… haven’t gotten a chance to see this group live yet, but I’m dying for the chance.  This is a drum & bass band; that’s right, a band.  Not one dude behind a set of turntables and a laptop.  Or at least, that’s what I was lead to believe.  Again, never seen ’em live.  Basically, if you enjoy The Prodigy, you’ll most likely dig these guys.  Honestly, most drum & bass that I’ve heard has kinda bored me.

What happens is that the artist(s) doesn’t have enough variation between the typical “bum-bum-chssh, ba-dum-bum-bum-chssh.”  Too much rhythm, not enough elements of melody.  That’s not the case with these guys.  These guys keep it interesting from track to track.  Lots of beautiful vocals, too.

Anyway, I can’t say much else about these guys except that I fuckin’ love ’em, and I hope you do, too.

Here’s what Wiki says:

Wikipedia Says:

Hold Your Colour is the debut full-length album by British/Australian drum and bass band Pendulum. The album was mastered by Stuart Hawkes at Metropolis in London.[1] It was released in 2005 and reissued in 2007 by Breakbeat Kaos. The album cover inspired the single cover for later Pendulum release “Witchcraft“.

This album features collaborations with artists such as the DJs Fresh and TC, the MCs$pyda and Fats, vocalists from bands Freestylers and Halogen, and guitarists from bands Karnivool and Concord Dawn, together with Peredur ap Gwynedd.


Five singles were produced from the album, including “Slam” / “Out Here“, the first single by Pendulum to reach the top forty in the UK Singles Chart.[2] In addition, a non-album single, “Blood Sugar” / “Axle Grinder“, released on 18 June 2007, was later replaced “Another Planet” and “Still Grey” on the reissue of Hold Your Colour due to its popularity.[3]

Otherwise, the LP was released as a triple 12″, and features, together with Hold Your Colour, all the tracks that did not appear on any single.[4] A promotional LP contained also “Slam / Out Here”.[5]


The album received very positive critical attention in both Australia and the United Kingdom, becoming one of the best selling drum and bass albums of all time, along with New Forms by Roni Size. 225,000 copies of Hold Your Colour were sold in the UK.[6] On 25 May 2008 it entered the top 40 of the UK Albums Chart for the first time, peaking at number 29 on 16 August.[2]

Slam” was featured in the soundtrack for the video game MotorStorm on the PlayStation 3console, and Bipolar’s remix of “Hold your Colour” was featured on “FIFA Street 2“, Dance Dance Revolution Universe on the Xbox 360 console and on the premiere episode of Sky1‘s Gladiators.[7][8] It has also been picked up by the relaunched Nine’s Wide World of Sports as an outro to the show and as a precursor to advertising breaks. The track “Tarantula” was featured in the Australian television drama series Underbelly, in an episode of the UK series Skins and CSI: Miami, and in the soundtrack for the video game MotorStorm: Pacific Rift.[9]

Track listing

Original release
No. Title Length
1. “Prelude” 0:52
2. Slam 5:44
3. “Plasticworld” (featuring Fats and TC) 6:21
4. Fasten Your Seatbelt” (featuring Freestylers) 6:38
5. “Through the Loop” 6:13
6. “Sounds of Life” (featuring Jasmine Yee) 5:21
7. “Girl in the Fire” 4:53
8. Tarantula” (featuring Fresh, $pyda and Tenor Fly) 5:31
9. Out Here 6:07
10. Hold Your Colour 5:28
11. “The Terminal” 5:42
12. Streamline 5:23
13. Another Planet 7:38
14. Still Grey 7:51
Total length:


In the 2007 reissue, “Blood Sugar” and “Axle Grinder” took the place of “Another Planet” and “Still Grey”. The reissue also erroneously contains gaps of silence at the end of each track, causing the album to lose its original sense of flow.[3]

2007 reissue
No. Title Length
13. Blood Sugar 5:17
14. Axle Grinder 4:10
Total length:


The vinyl version has a different track order and omits tracks that were previously released as singles, aside from “Hold Your Colour“.[4]

Vinyl edition
No. Title Side Length
1. Hold Your Colour A 5:28
2. “Girl in the Fire” B 4:53
3. “Through the Loop” C 6:13
4. “Plasticworld” (featuring Fats and TC) D 6:21
5. “The Terminal” E 5:42
6. “Sounds of Life” (featuring Jasmine Yee) F 5:21
Total length:


Release history

Region Release date Format Catalogue
United Kingdom 25 July 2005 12″ LP BBK002LP
Worldwide 1 August 2005 CDdownload BBK002CD
16 July 2007 BBK002CDR

Chart performance

Charts (2008) Peak
ARIA Chart 40
UK Albums Chart[2] 29


Brass section
  • Pablo Mendlessohn – trumpet on “Plasticworld” and “Tarantula”
  • James Morton – alto saxophone on “Plasticworld” and “Tarantula”
  • Jonathan Shendy – tenor saxophone on “Plasticworld” and “Tarantula”
  • Tim Smart – trombone on “Plasticworld” and “Tarantula”
Additional personnel

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