0012. Henry Rollins – Everything [1996]


This album is fantastic for those of you who enjoy dark spoken word poetry and avant-garde jazz.  I enjoy just about “everything,” Henry Rollins puts out.  (Hah, see what I did there?)  I love his books, his music, his radio & TV shows, his movie cameos, etc.  He’s prolific on a level that makes my fucking head spin.  I have some good memories of driving down the highway at night listening to this album.  Anyway, this album was made from excerpts from his book, Eye Scream; one of his many awesome books.

Fair warning, however, it will put your mind in dark places.  But, if you can listen to stuff like this and still retain a good mood, then you’re doing alright, I think.  Anyway, here’s what Wikipedia has to say:

Wikipedia Says:

Everything is a 1996 spoken word album by Henry Rollins. Everything is the audiobook of Rollins’ book Eye Scream which was written over a period of nine years from 1986 to 1995. Eye Scream covers a vast number of social issues over that time period including racism, homophobia, and police brutality. The album features Rollins’ spoken word accompanied by jazz musicians Charles Gayle and Rashied Ali.

Track listing

  1. “Everything” – 12:36
  2. “Everything (Continued)” – 12:23
  3. “Everything (Continued)” – 13:24
  4. “Everything (Continued)” – 12:28
  5. “Everything (Continued)” – 12:25
  6. “Everything (Continued)” – 12:00
  7. “Everything (Continued)” – 9:52
  8. “Everything (Continued)” – 9:48
  9. “Everything (Continued)” – 8:02
  10. “Everything (Continued)” – 15:05


  • Henry Rollins – vocals, spoken word
  • Charles Gayle – violin, saxophone, piano, score, editing
  • Rashied Ali – drums, percussion, score, editing
  • Juan Bohorquez – editing, dialogue editor
  • Alyson Careaga – producer
  • Juliette Conroy – photography
  • Mark Droescher – design
  • Perkin Barnes – engineer
  • Yaron – engineer

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