0004. Otep – House of Secrets [2004]


Just… because. Otep is a woman who has earned my respect so many times over, it’s astonishing. When she screams, she really fucking screams. Right off the bat, the first track, “Requiem,” is downright frightening and always gives me chills every time I hear it, and then the album crashes into “Warhead” like a two semi truck head-on collision. The piquant agony in this album is absolutely palpable, especially on the haunting, piercing final track, “Shattered Pieces.”

The soundscapes in this album are very dense and thoroughly, thoroughly fascinating to me as a writer and they inspire me to create ones of my own more than just about anything else. Truly, you have to see Otep perform live to get the full effect of her/their music and words, but the albums are damn fine on their own.

A few interesting things of note that I discovered upon writing this entry: P.R. Brown, a man whose work you know well while most likely not knowing his name, did the art design and photography for this album.  P.R. Brown was also the art director for Marilyn Manson’s Antichrist Superstar, Slipknot’s videos for Snuff and Dead Memories, and another of Otep’s albums: The Ascension.  Check out his website here: http://www.bauda.com.

And speaking of Slipknot, I wasn’t aware that Joey Jordison had laid down the drums for so many of the tracks on this album.  I suddenly love this album even more!  🙂  Seriously, if you enjoy intense music, pick up a copy of this album.  I can damn near guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.  If you are, well, we probably have vastly different ideas of what “intense” means.

From Wikipedia:

Track listing

All songs written and composed by Otep Shamaya and Greg Wells, except where noted.

No. Title Length
1. “Requiem” 2:40
2. “Warhead” (Evil J, Shamaya) 3:29
3. “Buried Alive” (Rob Patterson, Shamaya, Wells) 3:42
4. “Sepsis” (Evil J, Shamaya) 3:29
5. “House of Secrets” 4:02
6. “Hooks & Splinters” (Evil J, Shamaya, Wells) 3:33
7. “Gutter” (Shamaya) 1:02
8. “Autopsy Song” 3:42
9. “Suicide Trees” 6:26
10. “Nein” (Patterson, Shamaya, Wells) 4:13
11. “Self-Made” 3:40
12. “Shattered Pieces” 4:11


  • Otep Shamaya – vocals, bass drum, didgeridoo, cymbal scrapes (11)
  • “Evil” J. McGuire – bass, back up vocals (3), guitar (4, 5)
  • Greg Wells – metal strips (1), steel drums (1), guitar (4-6, 8-12), celeste (5), drums (5, 8, 9), percussion (10), piano (12)
  • Joey Jordison (Slipknot) – drums (2-4, 6, 10, 11)
  • Rob Patterson – guitar (2, 3, 10)


  • Producer: Greg Wells
  • Executive producer: Otep Shamaya
  • Engineers: Brian Scheuble, Greg Wells
  • Assistant engineers: Dan Beeston, Monique Mizrahi
  • Mixing: Greg Wells
  • Mastering: Roger Lian, Howie Weinberg
  • A&R: Ron Laffitte
  • Art direction: P.R. Brown
  • Design: P.R. Brown
  • Photography: P.R. Brown

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