0003. Venetian Snares – Rossz Csillag Alatt Született [2005]


Venetian Snares – Rossz Csillag Alatt Született

I’m ashamed that it’s been so long since I wrote in this blog.  I’m also ashamed that it took me so long to acquire a physical copy of Venetian Snares’ magnificent album Rossz Csillag Alatt Született.  It’s really hard to overstate my enthusiasm for this one.  You might not be all that into breakcore, aggressive music, strings, whatever (although it’s also rather difficult to fathom anyone not liking stringed instrument music), but I think just about anyone can find at least a little something to like in it.  Please, please, I’m begging you, check this one out.  And read some of this info from the liner notes and Wikipedia.  It’ll definitely enhance the experience:


Liner Notes:

“What if, for just a day, we could both be pigeons?

Sometimes, one moment in time can take on such an

important significance that it becomes an endless world

unto itself and everything outside of that moment, past

and future spots in time, become the folklore of the world.

What if we could both fly over the Királyi Palota and

see it just as these pigeons do?  A beautiful culture

of dissimilar angles as donkey angels above this city.

But even in the world of the infinite moment, we

cannot choose the feather of our bird and

the pigeon may long to be the goose, the donkey the pigeon

and so on.  Furthermore, as our world blossoms out of this

single tick in time, it is for one pigeon a swirling

romantic flood of euphoric possibility and fascination,

for the other, an inferior life of shitting on everyone

          from the sky, awkward and ashamed,

                                resigning themselves to be the

          wretched nuisance they are painted as by those they shit on.

Ultimately, as quickly as our world blooms, our world is discordant, and

our pigeons are wounded, and as our world dies,we die,and we are extinct.

  If only we could kill ourselves over and over until we get it right.

     So, just as an entire genre of music can be born out of one sped up ten

     second breakbeat, a full symphony orchestra can come together in

     harmonic unison to create that perfect moment in time, thus every moment

     can give birth to an entirely new world, and every world can house the

     recognition, that orchestra may combine to bring forth a

dissonant barrage of colossal sorrow,

                   and so the moment disintegrates its world and that

                   world suffocates the moment under its collapse.

                   These are love songs and grief songs.”

From Wikipedia:

Rossz Csillag Alatt Született is a 2005 album by breakcore artist Venetian Snares, released on the Planet-Mu label. Inspired by an earlier journey of Aaron Funk’s to Hungary, the album title and all of the track names are in HungarianRossz Csillag Alatt Született translates to “Born Under a Bad Star,” a Hungarian expression which means “cursed from birth.” Stylistically, the album consists of classical strings and brass combined with breakbeats.

The concept of the album came when Aaron Funk imagined himself as a pigeon on Budapest‘s Királyi Palota (Royal Palace). Its third track, “Öngyilkos vasárnap” is a cover of the song “Szomorú vasárnap” (“Gloomy Sunday“) by Hungarian composer Rezső Seress, which has been referred to as the Hungarian suicide song. According to urban legend, Seress’s song has inspired the suicide of multiple persons, including his fiancée. The song was reportedly banned in Hungary. It has also been covered by many artists. Billie Holiday‘s vocals are sampled in this track.

The album also samples various pieces of classical music:

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. “Sikertelenség” ([ˈʃikɛrtɛlɛnʃeːɡ], lit. “Failure”) 0:41
2. “Szerencsétlen” ([ˈsɛrɛntʃeːtlɛn], lit. “Unlucky”) 4:55
3. “Öngyilkos vasárnap” ([ˈøɲɟilkoʃ ˈvɒʃaːrnɒp], lit. “Suicidal Sunday”) 3:26
4. “Felbomlasztott mentőkocsi” ([ˈfɛlbomlɒstotː ˈmɛntøːkotʃi], lit. “Disintegrated Ambulance”) 3:44
5. “Hajnal” ([ˈhɒjnɒl], female name, lit. “Dawn”) 7:46
6. “Galamb egyedül” ([ˈɡɒlɒmb ˈɛɟɛdyl], lit. “Pigeon, Alone”) 1:36
7. “Második galamb” ([ˈmaːʃodik ˈɡɒlɒmb], lit. “Second Pigeon”) 6:01
8. “Szamár madár” ([ˈsɒmaːr ˈmɒdaːr], lit. “Donkey Bird”, but translates to “Stupid Bird”) 5:49
9. “Hiszékeny” ([ˈhiseːkɛɲ], lit. “Gullible”) 1:39
10. “Kétsarkú mozgalom” ([ˈkeːtʃɒrkuː ˈmozɡɒlom], lit. “Bipolar Movement”) 8:50
11. “Senki dala” ([ˈʃɛŋki ˈdɒlɒ], lit. “Nobody’s Song”) 2:16

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